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Memory issues with words conversion


we are using aspose.words for converting word documents to pdf and to images.
I’ve noticed that this process is taking up a lot of memory (for a 50 page word conversion to images the memory peaked at about 600MB, and takes about 1 min. The memory was not released even after the transaction finished - it was however released about 8 minutes later).

Debugging i noticed the spikes happen when creating a new document and when saving the stream as pdf. I am using MemoryStream all throughout the process.

Is this a known issue? What can be done to lighten the memory load?



Thanks for your request. Usually, Aspose.Words needs 10 times more memory than the original document size to build a DOM in the memory.

The memory should be released once the Document object is not used. Since you are using streams, please make sure that you dispose your streams when they are not used.

Also, please attach your document here for testing. I will check it on my side and provide you more information.

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