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Memory leak? over 30,000 instances of "com/aspose/slides/internal/de/try"

We are observing the memory, that is needed by Aspose.Slides. While doing so, we are wondering whether it’s considered normal, that there are over 30,000 instances of an internal class, holding 64 % of the allocated heap.
The memory get’s not freed after the HTTP Session is closed (we are using Aspose.Slides in a web application).

For this test, we used the newest versions of all Aspose products.
Please compare with the screenshot of IBM Heap Analyzer: leak suspects.png (272.7 KB)


We request you to please try using latest Aspose.Slides 20.8 on your end. In case you still suspect then please provide the sample project, memory profiling image and scenario to test where by you suspect Memory leak in API.

As I tried to state with

For this test, we used the newest versions of all Aspose products.

we are already using the latest version.

There is no sample project, cause we are doing complex things with PowerPoint templates (basically replacing stuff with other stuff). We don’t know what exactly is happening inside Aspose.Slides. I can provide

  • PowerPoint template
  • changed PowerPoint file
  • memory profiling image (heap dump)
  • java thread dump
    That would be all together more that 80 MB. How should I provide the files?

If you can point to a specific feature of Aspose.Slides, I might try to extract that functionality into a sample project.


Unfortunately, we may not be able to investigate issue and share any feedback unless we have some thing to verify on our end. We need to have exactly same sample project, source files, Java configuration, OS details, Heap size, Java thread dump, memory profiling that you have along with issue reproducing details.

Since, you have 80 MB file to share with us, you can upload that on any file server and share the download link with us.