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Memory leak problem

I have developed an application which dynamically builds a spreadsheet using Aspose.Excel, then serves it to the client machine for open/save. I have run it successfully on my development server, which runs IIS 5.0 and has 1.5GB RAM. Task Manager shows that the process uses somewhere around 50-70 MB of memory. The spreadsheet is a multiple page one which is built totally dynamically using datasets.

When I deployed it to the live server, which also has 1.5GB RAM but uses IIS 6.0, this spreadsheet application makes the server run out of memory.

Someone advised me to set IIS so that it runs WWW service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode, but this has not helped. In Task Manager, the ASPNET_wp.exe process just keeps on grabbing memory, even when I close the web browser.

Are there any Microsoft bugs I should be aware of, or any other things to try?

How many users access your application concurrently? And this article may help you on this problem:

At this stage for testing there is usually only one user concurrently, but in future there may be tens or hundreds.

I will read the article then perhaps get back to you. Thanks.

It turned out to be a problem in code. Sorry to have bothered you!