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Memory Usage (Again)

I'm using the latest version of the Java library and the memory usage is still crazy. An order of magnitude higher than the same task for .NET. How much heap space are you expecting us to have available for regular presentations with 100-200 slides and a mix of normal content (text boxes, images, tables, charts)?

A few questions about the Java version:

What profiling have your programmers done to optimize memory use?

Why does the library use custom collections rather than the built in standard ones which are probably more efficient?

Why do we need 1.5GB of heap space just to create an empty presentation and add some empty slides?

Myself and others been reporting these problems for years and I don't feel like the issue has been taken seriously.

I know this can be done better because the .NET version works, and the Java version doesn't.

The Aspose.Cells team produce a Java version that works just as well as the .NET version so why can't the Aspose.Slides team?

Let me know what (if anything) is being done about this.

Hi Shaun,

We are sorry for your inconvenience. I have discussed the questions shared by you with our product team and I agree with your concerns related to performance of Aspose.Slides for Java. We are continually working over the improvement of API performance and also reducing performance delta between performance of Aspose.Slides for .NET and Aspose.Slides for Java.

We perform the performance unit tests before product release and we are continually heading towards performance improvement of API. Also, we use custom collections in order to provide similar with .NET functionality. For your concern regarding 1.5 GB memory consume on creating an empty presentation and adding some slides, I request you to please provide the sample application along with Operating system, Java and VM details( if used) on your end. Please also share the machine specifications as well so that we may make comparison on our end.
We are really sorry for your inconvenience but assure you that we are working in area of improving API performance.

Many Thanks,

I’ll be back with details when I can spare the time to create test projects.

However, I do suggest a search of your own forum will reveal many similar posts to the one above.

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for sharing the further feedback. We will await further feedback in terms of sample project and statistics from your end. Please take your time in this regard.

Many Thanks,

You did not answer my question about how much heap memory, as a general guideline, Aspose expect us to have available to work with 100-200 slides in a report.

In my testing I need at least a 15GB heap to work with a 200 slide file otherwise I hit OutOfMemoryExceptions constantly.

Unfortunately I can not share the files as the contents are confidential.

However, they contain a mix of tables, charts, text boxes, and images.

The file size is 7.5MB and Powerpoint itself uses 87MB of memory with the file open.

I cannot comprehend how the product is able to fill 15GB of heap space processing this file.

In case of any doubt, I have profiled the code I am using. There are no other large objects in memory from other sources. It is entirely com.aspose.slides objects.


Hi Shaun,

I am sorry for your inconvenience.

I have observed your comments and like to share that we really wish to help you further investigating and resolving the issue but need the sample application and source presentation to reproduce the issue and investigate the reason for large memory consumption. You can share the presentation and sample application with us privately or can make this thread private and share the requested information. Please also share the statistics achieved, operating system and java details on your end.

Many Thanks,