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Memory Usage For A Large Report

my company is currently using a competitors component. however this component takes several minutes to load a 197 page reports, and more worryingly, it uses a 250 - 300meg of memory throughout this document generation process. i queried this and was told that PDF creation was expensive and basically there was no fix. so if multiple users request a PDF concurrently I will have to create a queue to prevent overload!!

so i am looking around at different components now. so can anyone comment on whether ASPOSE PDF is more efficient than what i have described for a large report created via a Stream? if so ill set up a trial app and give it a whirl.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf has better performance and small Memory usage but that is correlative to what report you want to generate. Please use our trial apps for good experiences.

You can also download Aspose.Pdf to test by your own.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Pdf provides 2 working mode. One is the normal working mode, using much memory but provide more flexibility. The other mode is described in It use less memory but some of the advanced features are not supported.

hello thanks for your replies.

the 197 page report that I am using as my example, will contain rows and column headers as I will be using a .NET dataTable as the data source. I will be streaming the PDF straight to the browser. will this be possible using your WritingPdfFileDirectly method?

It is possible. But in WritingPdfFileDirectly mode, large table has low performance. If you can split a large table into small tables, it will be better.