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Merge documents and output to PDF problems

Here the two I am currently playing with.
Loan policy gots generated fine (even if it has bullets inside).
When I merge them together, it fails at method.

When I merge documents and output to PDF there is no error thrown. Make sure you use latest versions of Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf.

Here is how I merge them:

Document dstDoc = TestUtil.Open(@“Export\SlavaZhuk\m1.doc”);
Document srcDoc = TestUtil.Open(@“Export\SlavaZhuk\m2.doc”);
Section s = srcDoc.Sections[0];
TestUtil.Save(dstDoc, @“Export\SlavaZhuk\m1 out.doc”);
CreatePdfDoc(@“SlavaZhuk\m1 out.doc”);

There are several features in the documents that are not supported in DOC to PDF conversion, but they don’t throw errors. They simple appear missing or screwed in the PDF document. Here is what I’ve noticed:

1. List indents become incorrect. This must be something wrong with Aspose.Word, I will look at it. You can try to workaround by removing list numbering and applying it again, try to make sure it is some simple list formatting without fancy custom edited indents.

2. Underline for the signature is not drawn. This is an issue in Aspose.Pdf as it does not seem to draw an underline under tab characters. I will raise this with the Aspose.Pdf team, but you can workaround by creating a table cell and turning its bottom border on.

3. You’ve got images and some text in Frames. Frames are old (Word 96) document features and Aspose.Word does not really support them well. I recommend you remove frames and insert images just as floating images or create a table with cells so you can place the images on the page where you want them.
Text in frames must also be reworked. The direct alternative in newer Word versions is texboxes, but textboxes are not converted from DOC to PDF so I recommend you also create a table cell to simulate text in a rectangle.

4. You have two columns in the document. Aspose.Pdf has introduced support for multiple columns just recently and Aspose.Word is not making use of this feature yet. I will support this asap.

List indents problems are caused by the document, not by Aspose.Word. Some items in the list are proper list numbers, but some are just text. Remove all list numbering and apply it again and the document will be converted to PDF nicely.