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Merge Field Formatting issue while rendering it in outlook mail


I have defined one word template with some merge fields. The merge field is being highlighted in BOLD in my word template. In .net I have written a code merge the fields using aspose documentbuilder class and then render the word document as email message in outlook. The problem which I am facing in current version 13.3.* of Aspose.word dll is somehow formatting specified for merge fields goes away when I render the word template in my outlook. When I was using the trial version that time I was able to get the format.

Need you help on how to persist the format of mergefield during rendering.



Hi Deepali,

Thanks for your inquiry. I suggest you please use MailMerge.Execute method instead of DocumentBuilder to merge the field.

Could you please attach your input Word document here along with code for testing? I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.