Merge PDF documents into single file contains both XFA and Acroforms using Aspose.PDF - [Resolved]


We are evaluating Aspose.PDF for .NET for use in the company. The main task is to combine/package various individual PDF documents regardless of FormType(Static, standard, etc) into one single package. Previous version of aspose were used for the package, and we have encountered various issues such as when these PDFs are packaged together, dynamic fields in the package become unavailable/unfillable compared to when the form is an individual form which results in customer dissatisfaction. With the new version for .NET(19.7), we realize that we are still encountering these same issues and was hoping to know if someone could potentially provide solutions for us.



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Would you please share some source and generated files along with SSCCE code so that we may try to reproduce and investigate it in our environment.

Sample Package Name: 1130_NB3504BD_112011.pdf-NB3512BD_012014.pdf-NB3520BD_062012.pdf-NB3521BD_062012.pdf-NB3538BD_122014.pdf-PS1998BD_012014.pdf

Individual file names: consists of file NB3514BD_072017.pdf, NB3517MC_082018.pdf, etc which can be determined from the combined package.

The package and its individual files have been attached to this thread. It should be noted that not all files in the package have been put in there but only a few of the files that have issues. This can be tested by packaging those individual files themselves instead of having to package multiple files.

The (1.3 MB)

Explanations: Explanations.pdf (176.8 KB)

The packager file itself has also been attached to this thread to allow for some testing. There are few configurations that have to be done before the packager can work:

In the Local Disk (C:) folder,
Create a Temp folder,
Create a PDF_ISSUES folder;

In the PDF_ISSUES folder, create a src folder and a logs folder. In the Src folder, create a decrypt folder and in the decrypt folder, create a folder 1130, then put the individual files from issues in there then you should be able to run the packager.



@Farhan.Raza Hi as a follow-up… I was also hoping to know if there is an ETA for this post.

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We appreciate your cooperation on this.

Shared Visual Studio solution contains several projects and many classes so for efficiency purpose, would you rather create a narrowed down sample application reproducing the problem part so that we may address your concerns well. Please share your kind feedback on our request so that we may proceed accordingly.

Hi @Farhan.Raza,

Could you please explain what you mean by I should create a narrowed down sample application reproducing the problem part? I’m a bit confused as to what you mean.


We mean that shared solution contains several projects and classes thus requesting you to share the minimum possible code that is combining different PDF documents into one so that we may proceed accordingly.

Hi @Farhan.Raza,

So, the least possible shared solution is given below. Be sure to make PdfPackager your startup project and it is very easy to follow the code from program.cs. Also, don’t forget to create the folders as instructed above. When the program starts, use the Aspose.PDF command.




Thank you for sharing requested data.

A ticket with ID PDFNET-46859 has been logged in our issue management system for further investigation and resolution. The ticket ID has been linked with this thread so that you will receive notification as soon as the ticket is resolved.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you so much @Farhan.Raza… I was also hoping to know if there might be an ETA on this.


As the issue has just been logged, it is currently pending for further investigations because of previously logged tickets. Therefore, we are afraid any ETA may not be available yet. We will let you know as soon as any significant update will be available in this regard.

@Farhan.Raza Hi apologies for the multiple series of replies. I wanted to just follow-up to know if possibly this issue has potentially been reproduced on your end?


Thank you for getting back to us.

The issue has been logged after initial investigations and reproduction using the data shared by you. However, it has been logged under free support model and will be investigated on first come first serve basis. Therefore, it may take some months to resolve. As soon as we have some definite updates regarding ticket resolution, we will let you know.

Furthermore, we also offer paid support model where issues are resolved on urgent basis and have priority over the issues logged under free support model. You may check our Paid Support options for your reference.

@Farhan.Raza This is Manoj Kumar from iPipeline. Ridwan was working in my team, I would like to follow-up on this issue and also would like to know more about “paid support”, like what the process is and how much it would cost to get this issue addressed. Please get back to me asap as this issue is critical and we need to address it asap. Thanks for your help with this.


Thank you for following up.

The ticket is still pending for investigations and any update is not available yet. Moreover, please create a post at Purchase Forum while sharing your 12 digit order ID so that our sales team can guide you with all further details of Paid Support.

@Farhan.Raza what is 12 digit order ID?


In your license file, there should be a 12 digit number between <OrderID></OrderID> tag. This will enable our sales team to guide you better when you contact them as mentioned above.

Thanks, got it, Order ID no is 140227145606. We will contact Sales Team to see if this can be addressed asap.


Thank you for your kind feedback.Please proceed accordingly.