Merging master slides into one presentation file


I have multiple master slides, as i want all these master slides put into single presentiaon file. And also after (if possible), merging all master slides into single presentation file, is there any possibility to create a slide type of particular master slide? For an example

In presentation file:-

Master Slide 1

Maser Slide 2

Slide1(type of Master Slide2)

Slide2(type of Master Slide2)

Slide3(type of Master Slide1)






Raghu Veer Gupta

Dear Raghu,

If you want to copy a master slide from one presentation into another presentation, then you will first clone any normal slide which has that master.

Cloning a normal slide also clones its master. After that you will delete the normal slide which will leave the master slide in target presentation.

Once you copied (cloned) the master slide into target presentation, you can set it as a master slide for other normal slides by using Slide.ChangeMaster() method.

Please see this thread for more information: Free Support Forum -