Merging NULL values


Hi Again,

We have a problem merging NULL values into a single table cell. Example:

Amount of persons tablestart:myTabletableend:mytable
Another label tablestart:myOtherTabletableend:myothertable
Yet another label

When a NULL value is merged with mergefield “myValue” or mergefield “myOtherValue” the merge save is succesfull, but after opening it within word, the error “A table is dammaged within this document.” appears.

Is there any way to work arround this beside changing every null value to a string.Empty?



Thanks for the report, we will look at the issue and release a hotfix in the next 2-3 days.


Sorry, cannot reproduce. It all works fine for me.

Please download latest Aspose.Word hotfix and try with it. If still have a problem, email me your document and code to