Merging with different styles in IF and regions

I am trying to achieve a dynamic brochure listing where rows of catalogue items may be 5 or 3 items across - depending on the data.
I already have a fixed 5 items per row catalogue working, so this question is not about the mail merge, use of Next or any of these other fields in the screenshot.

I thought I could use an IF to test a data value for the column “ItemPerRow” which is in the “Property” table, but using the format as shown I get no output at all.
I would a like simple steer as to where to start to try to achieve as per the screenshot please.

Capture.JPG (159.3 KB)


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Hi Tahir,
I am only looking for a simple steer in the right direction at the moment.
As you can see in the attached ZIP file, the documentxml.xml has several tables in it. One of them is called Property, which has a column called ItemPerRow.
The word template has tablestart and tableend for Property. It has some debug merge fields to print out ItemPerRow.
There are two IF statements wrapping row designs. The IF statement tests ItemPerRow and should only render the row design IF those statements are true. This does not happen. The IF statements and BOTH rows are rendered.
If I remove the IF statement everything works.
So my question is - how do I have the document render different row layouts based on conditional logic?


Thanks for sharing the detail. Unfortunately, we have not found the ZIP file with your post. Please attach it again. Thanks for your cooperation. (4.5 MB)


Thanks for sharing the detail. Please use the ItemPerRow mail merge field as shown below in the IF field. We have attached the modified input document with this post for your kind reference. (34.1 KB)

{ IF “{ MERGEFIELD ItemPerRow }” = “4” “table content” }

Hope this helps you.

Excellent, thanks.


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