Metadata fields are missing once converting word document into PDF

Hi, I’m using Aspose.Words for .NET to convert a word document built on MS Word 2007 into PDF using SharePoint 2007.
We are facing a major issue during the execution of the create PDF method. Whenever a PDF file is generated using the portal, metadata fields go missing in one typical scenario!!
Problem Scenario: Whenever SharePoint is used to create metadata for a document in a document library, ex: A workflow is setting certain metadata fields, or a code is setting metadata fields… that actually appear in a word document when I open it from a document library. But when I convert it to PDF using Aspose.Words, all the metadata that was created by the system is gone!
The same, if done when using the MS Word (built-in) information panel to enter metadata – works perfectly!
Short Description: Metadata fields go missing in the generated PDF if SharePoint (automated workflow, code, calculation) is setting metadata fields in a Word Document.


Thanks for your request. What metadata do you mean exactly? Maybe PDF format just does not support such kind of properties. Could you please attach sample Word document (from your SharePoint server)? I will check the issue on my side and provide you more information.

In real sense, they are not document properties but metadata fields that are embedded in a word document template in SharePoint.
When ASPOSE.Words is requested to directly accept this document, whether by stream or by saving a local copy and then converting, does not work!
I am attaching the word document with embedded metadata and the resulting PDF. You will see that in the first page, many of the fields are missing.
But if I open this document in MS Word, “save as” another copy, then convert… it works good. But ASPOSE dosen’t seem to recognize these fields…
Please note that these fields are list item metadata set in an MS word 2007 document template. The metadata that is set manually is present in the conversion. But unfortunately the metadata that a workflow has set or a code is setting is available in the word template, word document generated from it… but not in the PDF that ASPOSE has generated…

The fields in the resulting PDF are output as fields names!! Which is surprising. If I use the MS SaveAsPDF, they work fine… but SaveAsPDF is non-invokable through SharePoint…
Kindly assist ASAP.


Thanks for your request. The problem occurs because these fields are Structured Document Tags. Currently, Aspose.Words does not support content controls (Structured Document Tags). I will notify you as soon as this issue is resolved.
As a workaround you can try using DOCPROPERTY fields instead of Content Controls to display built-in and custom properties.
Best regards.

We are delighted to announce the availability of Aspose.Words for SharePoint, which is our latest addition to the Aspose.Words product family.
This release, Aspose.Words for SharePoint 1.0 makes high quality document conversions for DOC/DOCX/ODT/RTF/PDF/XPS and others easily accessible to SharePoint users.
Please find more details in our Documentation area.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as 4295) have been fixed in this update.

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