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MHT Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7-bit instead of quoted-printable


One of our customers is having issues with the MHT files produced by Aspose.Email. They are trying to load them into another product which doesn’t support the Quoted Printable content transfer encoding.

Is it possible to produce MHT files that use the 7-bit encoding format? This is default encoding for MIME.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable



Hi Reuben,

Thank you for writing to us.

We need a little more information from you in this regard. Could you please share with us the product where the created output MHT files are loaded and it doesn’t support the specified content transfer encoding? Also, could you please check the attached MHT file in that software and let us know your feedback? We will analyze your feedback and discuss the matter with our development team for their opinion in this regard.

Hi Kashif,

The product is Ringtail Analytics.

I will pass your MHT file on to the customer and ask them to try it.


Hi Reuben,

Thank you for providing the feedback. Once your customer has tested the provided MHT, please let us know the results. We’ll further investigate the issue in light of information provided by you.

Hi Kashif,

The customer has reported that the MHT you attached was successfully loaded by Ringtail Analytics.

In their experience, some MHT files generated by Aspose.Email are loaded successfully and some aren’t.

Hi Reuben,

Thanks for writing again.

I am afraid that I could not re-produce the issue here and I need your assistance to proceed further in this regard.Could you please send us some sample file which is converted to MHT using both Outlook and Aspose.Email where the Outlook converted MHT file is uploaded successfully but Aspose.Email converted MHT file does not behave properly? Such sample file will be helpful for us to analyze the problem and provide you assistance.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.

Hi Kashif,

I have attached 21 emails, with two MHT files for each
email. The MHT files generated by Outlook (filenames starting with
‘Outlook.’) can be successfully processed by Ringtail Analytics (ie.
have their concepts extracted) while the MHT files generated by our
product (filenames startings with ‘Toolbox.’) can’t be processed by
Ringtail Analytics.

Hope this helps.

Hi Reuben,

Thank you for providing the sample files.

However, I need a little more assistance from you in this regard. I tried to investigate this issue with Ringtail Analytics, but it seems I am unable to find how to test the issue with your mentioned software. Could you please guide us a little in this regard so that we can experiment with it and report the issue to our development team? We’ll look into it as soon as possible and share our findings with you.

Hi Kashif,

Unfortunately, I don’t think Ringtail Analytics is easy to obtain. If you have files you would like me to test, I can send them to our customer and ask them to check whether they are successfully processed or not.

Hi Reuben,

I have provided these details to our development team under investigation ticket id: NETWORKNET-34223 so that any such possibility can be investigated. Once there is some modification available in this regard, we’ll inform you so that you can test it with the fix version and let us know your feedback. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as NETWORKNET-34223) have been fixed in this update.

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