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MICR Barcode Recognition

Does the JAVA API of BARCODES API allows to scan MICR fonts from TIFF /TIF files?
For this file , It failed to recognize.

Please supply the right Code in Java for Allowing this MICR Scan.
Thank you for assisting.

I have tried different barcode readers but observed that MICR fonts cannot be read by it. It does not seem to be related to Aspose.BarCode. However if you can read it by any BarCode reader, please share the details with us. We will try to provide you assistance to perform the same task using Aspose.BarCode.

Hello @ahsaniqbalsidiqui
with your two products (Barcode & OCR) apis , the MICR is not being detected at all.
Do you have any other solution for us?

As mentioned earlier, it is not related to Aspose.BarCode. This issue is already logged under Aspose.OCR product with ticket id OCRJAVA-94. You may please follow it there for further feedback.

We have task to update MicrE13B recognition quality for Aspose.Barcode, but we cannot give ETA for you.