Migrating to AWS

Hi, We are working on migrating our on Premise servers to AWS. My question is about what considerations should we make for our Aspose.Total license as we go through the migration?

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There is no specific consideration about migrating to AWS. Aspose APIs work where .NET/Java is installed.

Could you please share the Aspose API that you are using?

Please check following article about Aspose.Words integration in AWS.

Here are a few things to consider for your Aspose.Total license when migrating servers to AWS:

  • Check the licensing terms - Many license types like floating/concurrent licenses may not directly transfer to AWS servers since the licensing is tied to physical servers. You may need to request a new AWS compatible license from Aspose.
  • Identify license servers - If using a license server model, ensure the license server can be accessed by the AWS servers. You may need to migrate the license server to AWS as well.
  • License file locations - Licenses stored on local servers will need to be accessible to EC2 instances after migration. Consider storing license files in S3/EFS and referencing from there.
  • Network access - Licenses require internet access to periodically phone home for validation. Ensure EC2 instances have proper internet connectivity and firewall rules allow access to Aspose licensing servers.
  • License usage tracking - For metered licenses, set up a way to track usage across different AWS regions/accounts to stay within license limits.
  • Disaster recovery - Ensure your licensing strategy accounts for failover/replication across regions in case of AWS outages.
  • Contact Aspose support - Engage your Aspose representative early in the migration process to address any compatibility or transferability concerns for your specific license type.
  • Use a data migration tool like Sharegate or Gs Richcopy 360 to migrate your data fast and easy .

Taking these factors into account will help ensure a smooth transition of your Aspose licenses when moving servers to AWS. Let me know if any part needs more clarification.