Missing attributes in CadImage entity

Hi all,

I’m trying to read ICadBaseEntity collection and attributes of each entity from CadImage, but for some of them I can’t get attributes which I see in the .dwg file.
Doing this with the following code:

    var entities = cadImage.Entities.Where(x => x is CadInsertObject obj /* && someFilter */).ToList();

    foreach (var entity in entities)
        // ChildObjects is empty
        var filteredChilds = baseEntity.ChildObjects.Where(x => x is CadAttrib attrib).Select(x => x as CadAttrib).ToList();
        // ...

An archive with file attached:
Disegno1.zip (579.7 KB), please take a look

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Can you please share the details that which attributes are missing while you are reading the entities?


For entities with names 1107, 1107A, 1107B I miss attributes “UM”, “Q” and “CODICE”. I can see these attributes in cadImage.BlockEntities collection in AttDefs (in case this gives you more info)


I have created a ticket with ID CADNET-8287 in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolve the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

Hi @mudassir.fayyaz,
I’m experiencing the same problem described in this conversation, is there any news about the status of the ticket that was opened to investigate this issue?


The concerned issue is still unresolved. However, if you are facing the similar issue, I will still encourage you to please share the source file, output obtained, comparison snapshot and used sample code. I will append the information in thread and once issue will be addressed, your information shall also be verified.