Missing Baseline data when reading MS Project XML files



When reading a MS Project XML file Aspose.Project returns "Nothing"n with respect to Baseline start/finish/work/cost. Looking into the XML file I can see that Baseline data is present. Is this a bug, or do I need to treat the Baseline object different when reading XML files compared to reading MPP/MPX files ?.

I have also recognized that the Outline number returned by Aspose.Project is different when reading a XML file compared to reading the same project from a MPP file. If I have a task in MS Project with Outline Number 1.2 this become 1.1.2 when reading the MPP file and 1.2 when reading the MPX file. Any idea why it is like this ?.




Dear Torger,

Thank you. XML and MPP (MPX) files store Baseline data in different way and we lost it in XML.
It will be implemented as soon as possible.

About outline numbers. Probably you have different AutoOutlineNumber property because I read MPP, MPX and XML and numbers are the same with only one exception. For example MPX and MPP have “1.0” but XML truncate it to “1”.


Dear Torger,

Baseline data were implemented. Please check 1.3.1 hot fix.