Missing column data in tables



I have this problem where I create a table with two columns and add data to it at runtime. When the PDF is generated (at the server and viewed through the browser), a cell of the second column sometimes doesn’t display the data added to it. The row number varies at random. the problem is only in the second column.

I saved the contents of the PDF to text file and found that the data that is not displayed is not in the PDF.

What do you think is the issue?




Dear Upul,

Thank you for considering aspose.

This might be a bug in the renderer engine. Can you please send me a example which can reproduce this error?


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for replying... I've prepared a sample (.Net Console) application that reproduces this error.

I have sent this application along with the source code to pdf@aspose.com as an attachment in UpulNIReport.zip

You can find the resulting PDF file in the bin\debug folder. The specific error is on the 3rd page of the report where the second cell of the fifth row is not displayed.

Thank You



Dear Upul,

Thanks for your example code. I have fixed this bug. Please download hot fix here.


Thank You for the prompt resolution.