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Missing forum?

where is forum for aspose.license ??

Aspose.License is a retired and free product and we do not provide a forum to support it any more. Sorry for that.

If you need a licensing component, please consider alternatively.

Is there any chance you can post the source code of Aspose.License as OpenSource then?

We would like to open the source code. The only concern is, the design is not so good. If we open the source code, I'm afraid it will dishonor our brand.

What do you think?

I don’t think it would dishonor your brand - you discontinued the product for various reasons. I believe it would be an excellent starting point to enhance it from where it is and make it more functional and robust! A great opportunity to branch it from where it is now an continue the project!! What do you think about that? Wink [;)]

I vote for making it open source. Folks will respect your willingness to give someting to the community.

Great to know your opinions. But I would share one more further concern.

Who can be the lead developer of Aspose.License?

The lead developer will need to sort everything out, because at Aspose we will have no development resources for that. Each product team is struggling to improve their commercial products.

The first thing that must be done by the lead developer is, polish it and then make it bascially look decent. Then do like all other open source projects.

What do you guys think?

I certainly would be interested in this effort. Not saying I have to be the lead or the “only lead” but definitely would not expect Aspose to lead that effort. I do not think it would be fair to Aspose to expect your resources to assist in this! You have done enough with the base to start off with!!

no need to work hard here. Post source code in forum and let others contribute. Folks will add suggestions and any additions here in forum.

I have seen this done other places where someone makes the base contribution and those who follow contribute suggestions.

Look into Autohotkey forums here for shared script examples and how community contributes.

This will keep many people coming back to your forum and looking at your logo. They will then view other products for sale while they are here.

Aspose, any thoughts on this?


Thank you for your post and for all that your thoughts and ideas on this matter. We have been discussing this as an option internally. Based on everyone's feedback we are making plans for starting an open source program for products such as Aspose.License. Due to our current project load it appears that it will be around mid-year before we are able to begin. As progress is made on this item we will be sure to keep this forum and our Blogs updated. Thanks again for you post. We look forward to launching this program.

Any progress on this at all?


Thank you for the reply / follow-up. When time allows could you email me at so that we can talk in detail about some aspects of this?