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Modify EPS files having 2-D drawing

I plan to use Aspose.Page product to load EPS file which contains 2-D drawing image. Is it possible to amend the image i.e.

  • delete/erase certain line vector exist in the image
  • crop certain part of line vector which is in a closed loop (like a circle image)
  • move certain part of line vector to a different position

I plan to do this programmatically using Aspose page API when the user interact with the loaded EPS inside the Viewer.


We are afraid that Aspose.Page does not and will not offer any viewer to view and edit EPS/PS files. However, it can be used in the code behind to process EPS/PS files with the features and functionalities provided by the API.

Furthermore, we need to investigate whether your above requirements can be achieved using the API or not, and for this purpose, we will log an investigation ticket in our issue tracking system. Would you please share a sample EPS file with us so that we can further proceed accordingly.

Is there any other Aspose product that may be able to load eps file into a viewer ?
I wish to let user interact with the image and allow some editing like cropping, deleting, moving simple line shapes.
Attached sample eps (504 Bytes)

If the sample image not able to download, do look at


GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is offered by one of our ventures and is capable of viewing EPS files in .NET Applications. You can please check it and post your related inquiries in GroupDocs Forums where you will be further assisted accordingly.

Furthermore, we have logged a feature request as PAGENET-254 in our issue tracking system for your requirements of image manipulation in EPS files. We will further check the feasibility and let you know as soon as the logged ticket is resolved. Please be patient and give us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Noted with thanks. I will wait for your response on the PAGENET-254 tracking.

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