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Modify Grouping

How can I tell if a shape is a group? Is it possible to change a picture that's part of a group?

  1. If shape is a group then it has type GroupShape. You can write this to check:
    if (shape is GroupShape)

    2. GroupShape has property Shapes (Please see API Reference). You can iterate it like
    property Shapes on a Slide and change shapes inside.

It might be important to note that Shapes within a GroupShape object is read-only, is there a conveniant way to retrieve the writable version of this object once you have a list of them from GroupShapes?

What you mean “read-only” within a GroupShape? It’s the same property as within a Slide.
You can add/delete, serialize/restore and change each shape in a collection.
It’s not possible to add Table to a GroupShape but MS PowerPoint doesn’t allow it too.