Modify text recognition parameters

Hi, I need to know if the tool ocr ospose has the possibility to modify its reading parameters, not only to improve the quality, but also to modify what image I am recognizing. It is not the same to read an image of white background with black text to an image with white text and red background. I need to modify so that the library has the ability to adapt to the image and thus recognize the text that is. The documentation is very bad in this aspect, I would like to acquire the license, for now I am with trial version but will depend on the result you can get. The tool has that possibility? Where can I find the Thank you


You can modify the supplied image by setting the correction filter and can get the pre-processed image. The API has exposed a Configuration class to set different parameters for OCR engine like:

Automatically Correct Spellings
Defined Recognition Blocks
Recognize Only White Listed Characters
Saving preprocessed images to improve execution time
Process background color

Visit the following links for details:

Furthermore complete features can be tested by using the temporary license for 30 days. You may please follow the link Get a temporary license for details on how to get a temporary license.