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Hi, I’d like to learn more about your service. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding if your service can convert MS Office files to HTML. If so, can the HTML be rendered in a browser, much like Scribd displays uploaded Word documents or Slideshare displays uploaded Powerpoint documents?
Thank you,Jack

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Hi Jack,

Saaspose is a REST API which provides several features including conversion. You can convert MS Office or PDF files to several other formats including HTML and yes HTML can be rendered in a browser. We do not provide a document viewer to display documents however if you want to build your own viewer, you can use our API to convert all or specific pages of MS Office or PDF documents to images and then load those images in your own viewer and your mentioned sites do the same.

Please check our documentation at or share your development environment and we will share more specific examples according to your development environment.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Ijaz
Support Developer, Saaspose Sialkot Team

Hi Jack,

Further to my colleagues reply.

I'm Product Manager at Saaspose, but also we have a new SaaS product, GroupDocs.Com, which does provide a viewer and you may be interested to consider alongside Saaspose.

You can find more details about the GroupDocs Viewer here:

You can see details of the REST API and SDKs here:

A lot of our customers have either been former users of Scribd, or have considered Scribd alongside GroupDocs as their solution so I expect it may be closer to your needs than Saaspose.

Best Regards,
Billy Lundie
Product Manager
Saaspose.Com &