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More InsertHTML problems

Hi there Aspose people. I have another question on the InsertHTML thing

When I use DocumentBuilder.InsertHTML for the below HTML into a document the style attributes are not acted upon:




This is a bit of a problem, I am using the latest Beta version and I really really need to be able to apply styles. I even tried using the STYLE tag and class attributes and that also did not work. I scanned the forums, lots of people seem to have the same problem, has this been implemented yet?

Also the spreadsheet refers to style support as "Inline style is supported, but limited to paragraph attributes exported by Aspose.Word" What exactly does paragrpah attributes exported by Aspose.Word really mean?

Many thanks again

To see the list of paragraph attributes exported by Aspose.Words please open the 'Html.Export' sheet in Aspose.Words.Converters spreadsheet. There you will see the paragraph attributes whose export is currently supported. The same attributes are supported in style during import.

Unfortunately, other style attributes are not supported at the moment but we are improving our export/import capabilities continuously and they will probably be supported in one of the future versions.

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Thanks for the quick replay as always mate.

I know I'm joining the chorus of a few others on here but the ability to import HTML with full CSS support really is quite important to my clients as well. I know you have mentioned it will be in a future release but how soon do you think this will be? If you can add it in it would be an awesome feature to have.

Thanks again

Thanks for drawing our attention to the importance of this feature. I must say that we too consider the richness and fidelity of our converters to be of the highest priority. We are going to improve our html conversion capabilities significantly somewhere in the beginning of the next year.

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