Move text box because of previous object increasing

Hello, how are you?

In my presentation there is a slide with a table followed by a text box. When I update the presentation using Aspose the table can overlay the text box, which isn’t the wanted result.
Is it possible to know the previous object (in this case, a table) has increased its height and move the text box to not let it overlaid?

Thanks a lot.OverlaidTextbox.png (61.2 KB)


Can you please share the source presentation along with used sample code and generated output presentation. Please also try using latest Aspose.Slides for .NET 20.6 as well on your end. first.

Thanks for answering me. The presentation is like this one I attached in original topic, but it does not correspond to the actual one. Unfortunately I cannot share the presentation, once it has information I can’t share.
And yes, I’m using the latest Aspose.Slide version.


You have just provided an image. Unfortunately, without provision of requested information, I may not proceed further with investigation on my end. You can share that privately with me even by clicking on my name Icon in post and using Message option.