MS Office Conversion



Does anyone know if there is a way of converting MS Office applications (eg Word) to PDF using this software?




Dear Chris,

Sorry there is no straightforward way to convert Word documents to Pdf documents with Aspose.Pdf as Aspose.Pdf is a Pdf generator by itself, not by a printer dirver.

But I would recommend you to try to save your Word documents in XML with Microsoft Word 2003 and then use XSLT to produce the Pdf equivalent using Aspose.Pdf. Please note I haven’t tried this so it’s up to you to how to do it.


Hi Chris,

Things are changing here. With Aspose releasing Aspose.Word soon that is able to read and write MS Word files, there is a plan to integration Aspose.Word, Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Excel so they can somewhat talk to each other. You should be able to read an MS Word document and product a PDF from it using Aspose products soon.



Aspose.Word 1.6 can be used together with Aspose.Pdf to convert DOC files to PDF.