MSG with RTF body only

When saving messages with RTF body part only, either as html or eml/mht is there anyway to force the SDK to create an html part made of RTF? Of course we don’t expect full great support of such complex conversion, just asking if that’s possible?

Sample message (has RTF and plain text part) (889.4 KB)
Sample code used:

Dim MyMSG As MapiMessage = MapiMessage.Load(“msg.msg”)
MyMSG.Save(“htm.htm”, ASPSaveOptionsHTM)

ASPSaveOptionsHTM.ResourceRenderingMode = ResourceRenderingMode.EmbedIntoHtml


This is a non-trivial task requiring resources and time to develop and maintain. Also, messages with an RTF body are used less and less because RTF has no advantages over HTML. Thus, the development costs exceed the real popularity of this feature.

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Hi, agreed, thanks :slight_smile: