MSWord document cannot be opened by aspose after calling Aspose.Save()


Here is a quick project demonstrating a bug with tables in a source document. When its first opened by aspose.word, it works, after saving, it crashes upon re-opening…

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Peter G.

Vendisoft LLC


Bug confirmed and posted for fix. The problem seem to be in the format of the table, contained in the document. But the exact cause of failure is not yet known.

Thank you very much for reporting.

Can you describe how the table in question was created?


Thank you for your quick reply!

The table was originaly part of a larger document inside an rtf file. It was then copy/pasted over into a Word document


The table is pretty badly formed in the original document.

A proper table has each cell ending with an \x0007 character (the sun) and end of row also ending with \x0007. In your table there seems to be two spaces instead of \x0007 at the end of the row. Some other problems are not visible, but present with the formatting flags that indicate table elements.

I would prefer to fix this only if you have many documents like that. If its just one file, it would be easier for you and me if you just remake the table in the document.


This document was built from a very common source of base documents used by the legal community. In addition this error occurs in almost every table that is copied over from the rtf document to a word document. Therefore we expect many such errors in the future.


Peter G.

Vendisoft LLC


Ok, I’ll try to make Aspose.Word to read these tables okay over the next week.


Thank you very much,

Peter G.

Vendisoft LLC


Sorry for the delay, we are still working on the issue. Hope to deliver it within one more week.


Fixed in Aspose.Word 3.5 that will be released 30th Jan.