MSWord2000 embedded image with Aspose Word 2.30


We find some embedded image in MSWord2000 can’t be displayed after the word file is processed by Aspose Word 2.30.

The process code is very simple: just resize the page margin, apply some header/footer information, then save the word file. After saving, the embedded image is missing. It’s just a box at the original position.

Because we have both MSWord2000 and MSWord2003 in our company. I did some test with different Aspose Word version, following is the result. Can you help us?

Word2000 File Word2003 File
Aspose 2.02 Embedded Icon can display NullPoint Exception when processing file
Aspose 2.30 Embedded Icon CAN’T display Embedded Icon can display

I attached the test MS Word files to this post.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thank you for your request.
Our Java developer is on a vacation now. He is sure to appear on Monday and to look at this issue.

I have reproduced the same problem on .NET version of Aspose.Words. This is known problem. It is present in our defect database as issue # 3683.
Best regards.

Thanks for the information. Do you know when this defect will be fixed? We are in the final stages of a critical project and need embedded images to work with aspose.words v2.30. Unfortunately we have an issue with v2.02 where certain word docs will not work with it so we have to move up to v2.30. It worked fine with v2.02 so can there be a patch made to correct that issue in 2.3 quickly?


We will investigate this issue whether and when it can be fixed. And then we will inform you.

Best regards.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 3683) have been fixed in this update.