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Multi-lingual date merge

I am currently evaluating Aspose, and for as far I only have one question.

Our application is a multi-lingual multi-tier application, which results in the middle tier performing mail merge for all clients, while clients may have different language settings. Is it possible to dynamically set the language, so that a user with Dutch language settings merges a date to “14 Maart 2005”, while a user with English language setting merges the date in the same document to “14 March 2005”?

Where does the Aspose component get the language to use from?

Thanks in advance,

If you are sending a document to the client browser, then you need to retrieve the client's culture settings from the request (I'm not exactly sure how to do that, but I've done that in the past).

Once you know the culture you want to output in, you can assign it to the current thread culture and execute mail merge. The mail merge engine, when encounters DateTime value will call ToString() and the output will be formatted according to the current culture.

Alternatively, you can provide handler for the merge field event and perform your own formatting inside the handler code. You will still need to know the client's culture though.