Multi thread implementation


We are using this ASPOSE api for genarating the multiple reports. We want to run parellal reports using the same memory. will the performance improve with this ? or time will ta=ke the same as memory is the same.

Is aspose will support multithread model?If so can you give some tips to improve the performance (time taking for one by one report)


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Yes, Aspose.Cells does support Multithreading and you may create multi-threaded applications using Aspose.Cells. You can use Aspose.Cells APIs through .Net wrapper class for spreadsheet generation and management. However, you need to note the following details in this regard,

Aspose.Cells library is written in managed C#.NET, so, concurrency and multithreading is not the problem in any respect. For your info, to save memory, there is a global shared string table in an Excel file. So if you change a workbook data concurrently in multi-threads, the result may be unstable. There is also a global section in an Excel file which contains global information of drawing objects and other info. So, if you want to change the objects settings concurrently in multi-threads, the result may be unstable. Mind you this is a limitation of MS Excel formats and nothing to do with Aspose.Cells for .NET

So it is to be noted here: the best way to utilize multi-threading is to create separate Workbook objects in each thread. Your application can handle multi-workbooks at the same time. But please don’t handle a single Excel file in multi-threads.

Hopefully this will give you some idea,

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