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Multi-User and Multi-Language

Hello there,

I have been using Aspose.Excel for 2 months and it is working fine. Still I have 2 problems :

1 - I work in french and we have somme odd character like é, è, a etc … When I try to save an excel file with Aspose.Excel with one of these odd charcters in the file name, it does not work. (Collation problem)

Ex : André.xls gives me something like Andr`y.xls

2 - I use a template to create the Excel file on a server, when 2 users creates a report at the same time, it gives me mixed results. I have tought of using a Template pool (Like a connection pool) but it is not very easy to maintain… Do you have another solution for me ?


Hi Serge,

1. I tried the following code. It worked fine in my machine. Could you give me more information about this problem? Do you use the latest hotfix?

Excel excel = new Excel();
excel.Save(“d:\André.xls”, FileFormatType.Default);

2. When 2 users creates a report at the same time, does they use the same Excel object? You can use Excel.Open to import the template, then use Excel.Copy to create Excel object for each user. Could you post your code here?


Hi Laurence,

Sorry for the delay, i was a bit busy …

Regarding that Problem, it works if you save it directly on disk but if you use something like

excel.Save(“André.xls”, SaveType.OpenInExcel, FileFormatType.Default, Me.Response)

It gives me the very odd filename Andr??.xls

Thank you

Hi Serge,

When you use OpenInExcel or OpenInBrowser option, the file name should be US-ASCII. It’s not limited by Aspose.Excel, but http protocols. You can refer to rfc2183. It said:

2.3 The Filename Parameter
Current [RFC 2045] grammar restricts parameter values (and hence
Content-Disposition filenames) to US-ASCII. We recognize the great
desirability of allowing arbitrary character sets in filenames, but
it is beyond the scope of this document to define the necessary