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Multilevel Grouping rows in Excel

Hi Support ,
I am trying to do Multilevel Grouping in excel but my scenario looks different for regular grouping I use a template and load the values on to the template ,so what ever the values got loaded needs to grouped according to that . Attached my Template and Report screenshots what I am getting and pasted some part of my code
public static void ExportTATReport()
Workbook wb = new Workbook(template);
Worksheet sheet = wb.Worksheets[0];

        // Initialize WorkbookDesigner object
        WorkbookDesigner designer = new WorkbookDesigner();

        // Load the template file
        designer.Workbook = wb;

        using (SOConnection connDB = GetDBConn())
            // Get the main report statictical data   
            LogMessage("Getting the main stats...");
            DataTable stats = GetStatistics(connDB, _strTAT);                
            TATSummaryDetails _tatSummary = new TATSummaryDetails();
            DataTable dt = PopulateGroupHeaders(stats, _tatSummary);               
            dt.TableName = "WorkflowStats";    

TemplateGrouping.jpeg (71.7 KB)
Grouping.jpeg (141.4 KB)


Thanks for some details, code segment and screenshots.

Please note, as you are using Smart Markers to group data, Smart Markers has its architecture and formatting style which might not be changed easily. We recommend you to kindly see the sub-topic with details and examples on how to implement Smart Markers in grouping data and how they work. This way you will be able understand the feature before using it in your project: