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Multiple _CellsSmartMarkers in one template?


Since we trying to build a complex report we would to check another way.
we have changed all the data structures to get the report “headers” as property in the rendered object.
but still the loop is not inserting the data as expected.
the first loop of the basic data is inserted as expected. but the second loop (for summarizing information) is not printing the data as expected and displays the JSON all over the report.
attached template, data, and output.
I’ve thought maybe there is another way to declare the _CellsSmartMarkers since we already have one, so if we can tell the package that he needs to render the (example) _CellsSmartMarkers1 same as the _CellsSmartMarkers is that possible?
the difference between the data is in the first loop- this is 1 row per data. but for the summerize, this is 3 rows of data each loop (skip:3)
usagereport_17_07_2022_08_18_19.zip (99.4 KB)


We will look into your issue and get back to you soon.

We have no plan to impement _CellsSmartMarkersN,We can not process them together.
Please gather your data and check the attached project:
Desktop.zip (8.1 KB)

Hi @simon.zhao,
Not sure I understand your thoughts,
What are you trying to achieve in that example? is the next loop will print the data line by line after the first one?
what does the repeat do? is that “framing” the second loop?


We will get back to you to provide details for your queries/doubts.

I think the most urgent issue is to understand why the JSON is printed inside the columns. even simple reports printing the Datasource JSON

Please process data in a loop with smart marker.
We can’t be dealing with the intersection of two loops