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Multiple hanging- not responding conversions after update

Over the last couple of days we noticed that many of the conversions do not finish anymore. In other words, we keep on waiting for a result but nothing happens. We can deduce the following characteristics:

  1. After taking a look at filesize, this happens with files > 6MB
  2. We did not do any updates ourselves, so should be related to Cloud API
  3. Behaviour is identical to the “hanging splitDocument” conversions we spoke about in another topic
Can you please validate that this is happening? Accurate API responses is something we rely on and is the main reason for choosing for Aspose for Cloud.

More info concerning these hanging conversion, our application did just send us another error email which tells us that the MySQL server went away (timeout).

Next thing I did was compare the dates we have, and it seems it took 2 hours for the conversion to complete.

File uploaded: Wed Jan 20, 2016 14:56 GMT+01:00
Error occured: Wed Jan 20, 2016 16:58 GMT+01:00

Please solve this asap, this is used in our production environment. Can you also keep me up-to-date about the process?

Some extra info: when we restart the conversion of the file, we get back the results as fast as usual.

Maybe this is related to initializing other VM appliances?

Had another one, with the following date interval:

2016-01-20 17:10:50 - 2016-01-20 18:38:17

Could it be related to uploading a file?


We are sorry you are having problems. We are investigating the issue, can you please tell me what account you are using for the conversions?

Thank you,
Ionut-Alexandru Zaiti

What do you mean with “what account”? This is related to Aspose for Cloud, so a cloud-account would be the clear answer.

Since the requests do complete after two hours, the usage log won’t show any errors. Unfortunately the log does not show how long a request took to complete.

We do not have a clear way to reproduce these issues, since they only happen occasionally. When we have a hanging upload, and retry it does work as expected so that’s quite hard for us to debug any further.

Next to that, the Pingdom service health monitoring will not show any discrepancies because the ping will not be affected. The time it takes to complete an upload and a conversion should be monitored to test this.

Hi Richard,

What do you mean with "what account"? This is related to Aspose for Cloud, so a cloud-account would be the clear answer.

Sorry for the confusion. Product team wanted to know your App SID and Key you are using to send the requests. We have found it and our product team is investigating if something was wrong at our end.

We will share our findings with you soon.

Best Regards,

Hello Muhammad, I just logged in to the Aspose backend and see the ‘usage log’ still is empty. As you said this would get high priority, and your last message is of March 22, this is making us angry. How can we rely on this?

We are actively working on debugging everything, and things like an empty log are not even fixed one week after we reported it. Can someone please tell me where the priorities are at the moment?

Hi Richard,

We apologize for the inconvenience.

The issue has been fixed however its deployment was planned for this week. We will push the changes to live in next 24 hours (when there is less load on the servers).

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad, okay that is great to hear so we can plan around this. Does it also include the fixes for all documents we’ve reported over the last weeks?

Hi Richard,

Because of an internal issue, we were not able to deploy platform changes today and the deployment has been postponed till tomorrow morning. Hopefully the missing logs issue will be resolved tomorrow morning after deploying the platform updates.

As far as the issues you reported for the Word documents are concerned, those issues have also been fixed in Aspose.Words for Cloud 1.23.0. This release is ready for deployment and will be deployed right after we deploy platform changes tomorrow.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad, thanks for the clear update. Hope the update will solve all outstanding bugs on the documents reported, so we can do a live-update tomorrow ourselves too.

Hi Muhammad, how is the update going? We planned testing for today, and given the time difference we expected the update to be completed around now.

I’ve opened the activity log, and saw something changed there, but the log still is not opening and keeps on showing “loading”.

Hi Richard,

I have just got the confirmation from the product team that changes have been pushed to live. Can you please test again and let us know if you still see any issue? You can also test your Word documents again.

Best Regards,

Hi Muhammad, this is great news. We will continue testing now and give a status update after that.