Multiple issues in converted PDF file


We are getting multiple issues with a converted pdf file. Could you please look into these issue and let me know if you need more information.

PDF Issues:

  1. Space after single quote and double quote
  2. Text Overlapping
  3. Graph and Text Missing
  4. Text and Icon Alignment Issue
  5. Date Issue
  6. Graph bar color is pink instead of black
    PDF File:
    Aspose 18.1 Issues.pdf (511.7 KB)

Issues Screen Shots:
Issue4_Date_And_Time_Issue.jpg (136.2 KB)
Issue5.jpg (175.2 KB)
Issue2.jpg (339.1 KB)
Issue1.jpg (441.0 KB)
Issue7_Color_Issue.jpg (328.2 KB)
Issue6.jpg (472.5 KB)
Issue9.jpg (244.4 KB)
Issue8_Text_And_Image_Overlaping.jpg (411.4 KB)
Issue10_Text_Overlapping.jpg (366.8 KB)
Issue12_Text_Overlapping.jpg (345.0 KB)


Thank you for contacting support.

We would like to request you to share the source file along with the code snippet that you are using in your environment, so that we may reproduce and investigate it to help you out.