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Multiple lines with AddLogoMark


I am evaluating the ASPOse.PDF.Kit and have the following problem:

I am trying to add two lines to the Logo Mark with no success. I also tried an Image as a Water Mark and text as Logo Mark - no luck.

I tried to add a new line to the text - no luck.

I want to use this product but must have a solution for this issue.



Dear Ami,

Thanks for considering aspose.pdf.kit.

1. AddLogo function supports single line text now, two lines or more are not supported.
2. Each PdfFileStamp instance can add a watermark or logo one time, it may be not convenient for multi-line logo adding, or watermark and logo adding together.

We’ll redesign the interface.


The latest kit supports adding a watermark and more than one logos one time.
For more information, please go here.

Best regards.