Multiple Tickets- .ppt throughtput performance for SLIDESJAVA

We have a critical problem with the .ppt performance of Slides.

Related tickets (you have provided num bersto us via dhoward);


This is all cetered around a core issue: 'it’s just terribly slow for certain .ppt decks and all attempts at parallelism to make out system even close to acceptable fail for us:". We need to talk with a Product Manager; urgently.

Per our Enterprise Agreement:

1 Enterprise Support customers are entitled to six email cases with an Aspose Product Manager (or other relevant staff members) per year, these email cases should be used to discuss roadmap items / priorities not support issues. Telephone communication can be arranged through an email case.

How do I open an ‘email case’, as specified or better, get directly in tocy with a Product Manager ASAP?


Thanks for inquiring Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the tickets mentioned by you and request you to please make a thread post with an account that is entitled for enterprise support with us. The current account with which you have made an inquiry has no subscription. Secondly, for further inquiries in this regard, I may request you to please consult our sales team in Aspose.Purchase forum regarding the support related to your subscription. For technical inquiries related to Aspose.Slides, you are always welcome here. Secondly, please also share that do you want to escalate the issues SLIDESJAVA-34058, SLIDESJAVA-34035 and SLIDESJAVA-34060 to Enterprise support. Once you will make a request with your enterprise support account, I will link the issues with thread.

Many Thanks,

Please advise on how to get Enterprise account rights and escalate tickets.

We purchased Enterprise Support by way of your OrderID/Invoice 130524113804.

Company Zix Corporation. This was a few months-back.


Many thanks for your enquiry and for your support of Aspose.

Each Enterprise Support account is allowed two users, and those for your company are ‘jkalan’ and ‘dhoward’. Only they can access and post on the Enterprise Support forum, but you can add additional users at a cost of US$449pa each.

Any posts raised previously by these users will automatically be flagged as Enterprise Support customers, and all new issues should be raised in the Enterprise Support forum. Both users should have received an introductory email outlining the procedures to be used.

I hope this is of help, but please let me know if we can do anything further.

Kind regards,