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Multiple Versions installed side-by-side and license files

I understand that the license files we receive with a subscription purchase permit us to use published releases up to the expiration of the license. If we attempt to run the compiled code with a set of assemblies from a later version, if will behave as an evaluation license. I cannot find this anywhere, but I recall it from long ago. Does this still apply?

If so I need to install the latest release/version of Aspose.Total for .NET alongside a version from 2014, to permit other applications that are compiled with licensing information from a subscription purchase and may no longer be current to continue to operate. Is this possible and supported in the GAC side-by-side? I will not be able to cause all users of the existing installed 2014 version to renew their licenses on our schedule. We share servers for multiple installed components managed by separate organizations.

When you will apply an old license to the latest Aspose for .NET API, then you will receive an error of expired subscription. We do not recommend to use a trail version of the Aspose API without applying a valid license. You can get a 30 day temporary from the purchase portal. A temporary license is a time-restricted full license that lets you test every aspect of an Aspose API before buying it.

Aspose for .NET DLLs are based on the class library projects, compiled under the .NET frameworks. Please confirm, are you seeking to deploy two same Aspose DLLs with different version in the GAC side-by-side?

Thank you, You are correct, I need to have two versions of Aspose coexist side-by-side. This would work if, for example, the DLL names were different between the versions, I cannot other applications that share the server to upgrade or deploy their applications with an upgraded license file. We do not use any enterprise licensing variant.

You can deploy two versions of Aspose APIs in the GAC side-by-side. We have deployed a few DLLs for the testing purposes. This is the screenshot of deployed DLLs: Snapshot of Developer Command Prompt for VS2015.

Please let us know in case of any further assistance or questions.

Best Regards,
Imran Rafique