Multithreading question (urgent)


Good day,

at my company, we are evaluating aspose.pdf as a solution to a customer request. We are going to use the component in the context of a multi-threaded solution which will probably have to generate even 30-40 documents concurrently.

During testing, we have noticed problems with multithreaded execution of your component. Specifically, when using 10 threads, 2-3 of the 10 expected documents were not created or created with zero length.

I have also noticed a thread in your forums (late 2003) concerning a threading issue. Do we expect this issue to be resolved (or maybe it has already been resolved? I'm using a version I downloaded a month or so ago).

Additionally, could you inform us if the same threading problem exists with aspose.excel and aspose.word?

Thank you

Sotiris Filippidis


Dear Sotiris,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry we have not fixed the threading bug till now. It is difficult for me to solve this problem so I have to consider it later.

I am not sure if Aspose.Word and Aspose.Excel support multi-threads.


Hi Sotiris,

Aspose.Excel can be used in multi-threading context.
In each thread, you can create seperate spreadsheets concurrrently. For example, you can create 30 files concurrently in 30 threads.
However, if you want to access an Excel file concurrently in several threads, we cannot guarantee it to be thread-safe.