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MVC Core render view as HTML string to PDF, will it render javascript and styles?

Quick question regarding the Aspose HTML to PDF.

I am building an Asp .net Core 3.x app that nees to be able to send views as emails. So I have found the functionality to get the outputted HTML from a view as a html string.

My question is, will Aspose.PDF be able to take this HTML string including javscripts etc. and render the string including all javascripts etc. into a pdf file?

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You can convert HTML to PDF using Aspose.PDF and API will honor referenced CSS styles and images. However, we are afraid that JavaScript execution would not be possible at the moment as this functionality is under process at the moment. In case you can share a sample HTML with us, we will log a ticket in our issue tracking system and will share the ID with you.

Will the Aspose.HTML be able to render the HTML to PDF and execute the javascript?
And if not, is there any other way with Aspose to do this?


We are afraid that this feature is not implemented in Aspose.HTML yet. However, would you kindly share your sample HTML file which includes JavaScript. We will log a feature request accordingly and share the ID with you.

We apologize for the inconvenience.