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My users keep getting this error

i recently upgraded from 2.3 to 3.4 aspose words for reporting services around a week ago. things were fine until yesterday when the cpu of the database server started capping out at 100% and we started getting memory warnings. i reverted back to 2.3 after narrowing the issue down to the aspose words extension. The memory/cpu issues went away, but now i keep getting this error:

An error occurred during rendering of the report. (rrRenderingError) Get Online Help
Object is currently in use elsewhere.

It works most of the time, but these reports get a lot of traffic and the error pops up every few minutes.

I do not want to go back to 3.4 if it has a memory leak problem. has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks for your request. Does the memory leak issue occur with all your reports or with some particular reports? If the problem occurred with some particular reports, please attach the appropriate rdl and rdl.data files here for testing.
Regarding downgrade, please try to completely uninstall Aspose.Words for SSRS, then check the steps described here:
and make sure all configuration files are appropriately cleaned and the dlls are removed. After this try to install an older version.
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i did install the upgrade (3.4) manually. it worked fine for a week, then started making the server bomb out. pretty much the only use for our reporting server is using the aspose words extension to generate word documents and save them to the server. the sql process and w3 services were using over 12gb of ram each and the cpu was capping out at 100%. i had to remove the upgraded extension and revert back to v2.3

Thank you for additional information. But since you are the first customer who reported a memory leak problem. I suppose, there is something with your reports that cause the problem. Could you please attach your rdl report and rdl.data file here for testing? We will try to reproduce the problem on our side and provide you more information.
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this still happens 5-10 times a day at my company. is this a known bug?

Hi there,

Thanks for your inquiry.

I’m afraid we were never able to reproduce and then investigate this issue as you did not attach your reports for testing. Could you please attach these files for us?


the problem is it happens on numerous reports. also i cannot include our rdls as they contain proprietary information.

Hi there,

Thanks for this additional information.

As Alexey has asked a while ago, does this happen with all reports or just particular ones? If only one or two then you can try taking these documents and sanitizing them so they do not contain any confidential data. This way you can then attach them to the forum.

Please note that all attachments made by you on the forum can only be viewed by you and Aspose staff.

I’m afraid without the input files it is virtually impossible for us to reproduce the issue and fix it.