N/A value


How can I generate from Aspose "original" MS Excel "#NA" value ?

Thanks, Boris


Hi Boris,

Why do you need to create a “#N/A” value? #N/A is the error value that means “no value is available.” Typically it shows there is error in the formula. So normally it is not needed.

If you really need to add this value, you can set a formula “=NA()”. Now Aspose.Excel doesn’t support NA function. Please let me know if you really need it.


I have series like {1, 2, 3, NA, 5, 6}. This should be a double array, so I can't store "NA" in this array. Instead I use 1000000000000000 to show that this value is not available.
But in Excel it should be epmty or #NA. Do you have some ideas how to implement this. Because the only way I see, is to search for 1000000000000000 in my array to separate the array and to write two parts and one empty cell. But I can have a lot of such a values.

Thanks a lot, Boris.


Hi Boris,

You can try this:

object[] objArray = new objectDevil;
objArray[0] = 1;
objArray[1] = 2;
objArray[2] = 3;
objArray[3] = null;
objArray[4] = 5;
objArray[5] = 6;

excel.Worksheets[0].Cells.ImportArray(objArray, 0, 0, true);


Hi Laurence,

if I do as you described above and than try to make a range on this row, I become NullReferenceException.

What could it be ?

Thank you



Could you post your code here? Thank you.


For example: newArray = {2.25, 3.5, null, 7.35, null, null};

this.sheet.Cells.ImportArray(newArray, 1, 1, false);
this.range = this.sheet.Cells.CreateRange(row, 1, 1, 6);

After this call I receive NullReferenceException.

Thank you


I downloaded the new version and it works now.

Thanks a lot.