Need a printer friendly pdf report generated- need to know if aspose.pdf will work for my site


I have a report that is currently generated on my site in html, and my developer has implemented a "printer friendly" button to generate a pdf version of the report. The report is generated by pulling information from a sql database and it displays to the page in the site. The printer friendly pdf is generated by stripping out the html code and printing to a pdf through microsoft word. I want the reports to be formatted and look a certain way, which is basically what they would look if they were printed as excel files witha logo at the top. My question is the following:

How does aspose.pdf fit in to this process?

Will aspose.pdf "clean up" this process?

Does aspose offer consulting/support for the implementation of their products? (meaning- can Ihave my developer interaface with someone from aspose to properly implement their product and get my reports up to snuff.)

Thank you for any response.



Thank you for considering Aspose.

I think you may use Aspose.Pdf to support your requirement in the following ways:

1) Converting the HTML into pdf. If your HTML page is not complex, you can convert it into PDF using Aspose.Pdf and it will become "printer friendly". The interactive elements such as button will be ignored.

2) Extract data from database and generate PDF on the fly using Aspose.Pdf. This may need more design time.

3) If you can use the Word document in your previous application, you can use Aspose.Words + Aspose.Pdf to convert the Word to Pdf.

You can choose one solution according to your requirement. If you want more help please elaborate your application. We can provide consulting for the implementation.