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Need ASPOSE Performance Metrics to Make Purchase Decision

My company is seriously considering purchasing ASPOSE Word, but we need to provide our management with some metrics on document throughput, server memory consumption patterns, etc to assure that we will not be bogging down
our application servers with this addition of the ASPOSE Word component.

We expect most of our documents to be small and we’re not thinking, at the moment, about doing any kind of mass mail merging, but rather issuance of small, single letters in a multi-user environment.

A typical installation might be 0 to 10 concurrent users at any point in time creating single letter documents.

Any help or documentation would be appreciated.

Since there are so many variables (document size and contents, what you are going to do with it, etc) it is impossible to give any exact meaningful permormance figures. For example opening document from a disk file once and then cloning it in memory is much faster than opening the document from a disk file every time.

We have some mail merge and combining documents operations running for medium sizes documents at about 50 seconds for 1000 documents, that’s only 0.05 sec to open (clone), mail merge and save a single 5 page document with about 40 data fields inside it.

Another test we had for reading a text file line by line and adding to a DOC file using DocumentBuilder, that loads 30K lines in 4.7 seconds.

We used P4 2.4GHz machine with 1G of RAM.

The best you can do is to build a simple project using evaluation version and see if it works for you well enough. If something is not up to scratch, please let us know, we do look at particular scenarios to improve overall performance. It’s just there are so many ways Aspose.Word is used.