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Need Help in Reading openoffice Excel File

Hi Forum,

While doing google i came accross this API. I am very New To Java as well as this API. I want to work with open office file from where i can retrieve data Column wise and save it to Arrays.

And What if my cell is merged…

Can you please provide me some samples. or can you tell me the best way to achieve This.

Thanks in Advance…



Aspose.Cells has same object model for all types of format MS-Office and OpenOffice.

Once you create a workbook object, you can then use its methods and properties without worrying which format you are dealing with.

Please see the documentation topics: Programmer’s Guide


To read your desired ODS files, you may try the code segment e.g

//Creating an Workbook object
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();

//Calling open method of Workbook object to open ODS file“C:\book1.ods”, FileFormatType.ODS);
See the document on how you may export to Arrays:

Thank you.