Need help to continue Table Header to additional pages (1.2 KB)
I’m having trouble having my header row continue on each page. The document could be as many as 20 pages in total by looping the array that is uploaded. I’ve attached my code in the zip file because I’m not sure how you prefer to see the code either as an attachment or in this message box.

I think I followed everything at

Thanks for the helpDataTable4_ (83).zip (9.6 KB)

@Bill The problem occurs because RowFormat.HeadingFormat property is set for all rows, but should be set only for the heading rows. In your case you should simply reset this property once you finish building heading row:

builder.EndRow()   'Ends Header Row

' reset heading format for further rows
builder.RowFormat.HeadingFormat = False

Awesome-- Thank you

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Instead of a new topic since it has to do with the header if I take out the vbCrLf in both the Grant Number and Grant Title so that the text is Centered, I get a phantom horizonal white line. Is there a way around this?

DataTable4_ (85).zip (7.5 KB)

@Bill It looks like MS Word UI glitch. On my side this phantom line appears on 110% zoom, but looks differently than yours:

As you can see on my side the line is crossing all cells. It looks like the reason of the problem are top and bottom cell margins. If reset margins to zero the phantom line disappears, you can emulate the margins by specifying row height.modified.docx (13.4 KB)

Thank you. I don’t write new Aspose Words apps very often but I have used it for over 10 years and once written it continues to work like a champ and it’s great knowing that you folks have my back. Thanks

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