Need help upgrading aspose

I was given a license file to upgrade our current system which uses

Aspose.Total for .NET

The subscription expiry is as follows


My question is as follows:

  1. What is the latest stable version of aspose I could use? For Aspose Words and Aspose PDF
  2. When I try to upgrade to 22.10, It gave me an error
  3. Are there any other steps I need to follow?

Note: The steps I followed are as follows:

  1. I copied the license file in the top level folder of the project (previous file was also here)
  2. I modified both aspose words and pdf conversion code and added the static block
static WordConversion()
    if (AsposeLicense == null)
        AsposeLicense = new License();
  1. Updated the package reference with the latest aspose version 22.10
    <PackageReference Include="Aspose.Words" Version="22.10.0" />
    <PackageReference Include="Aspose.PDF" Version="22.10.0" />

@jdacz Your license allows you to upgrade to the latest 22.11 version of Aspose.Words. But the error message indicates that your project still uses the old license file. Please make sure you use the new license in your project, for example by specifying the absolute path to the new license file.

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Working fine now after placing the license file in the CurrentDirectory. And accessing the license file from there. Thank you!