Need help with charts



This is what i have got in my excel sheet. How do i create a chart in aspose?

,'X Daily'!$A$13:$A$126,'X Daily'!$I$13:$I$126,1

I am not really great with excel.

Would this do? i got an out of bound exception

crt.NSeries.Add(",'x Daily'!$A$13:$A$104,'x Daily'!$I$13:$I$104,1", True)




Also I need to know how to add a chart on the different sheet based on data on a different sheet . :)

Thanks in advance.


Please make sure which part of data is series data and which part of data is category data.

Generally the code will be:

chart.NSeries.Add("'x Daily'!A13:A104", true)

chart.NSeries.CategoryData = "'x Daily'!$I$13:$I$104"

If this is not what your expected, please post a sample file with your expected chart. I will give you sample code to create it.