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Need instructions for new license

I am new to Aspose and I inherited a WinForms application that uses Aspose libraries. My management just sent me a file with a new license. I’m at a loss - what do I even do with this file? Do I need to include it in any new releases? And if so, are there instructions somewhere? Such as: add file to project, do something with config, etc. etc.

Thanks in advance for helping a new-to-Aspose person.


Yes, the license file should be included in the application. You can include it as embedded resource. Also, you can change its extension. For further information, you can check below documentation article(s):

Thank you for response. I looked at the documentation and it is helpful, but doesn’t answer this specific question.

The person in my organization who purchases software recently renewed our license and sent me a new license file. Do I need to modify all of my applications which use Aspose to use this new version of the license, and then redeploy them? Nothing else has changed about our license; it has just been renewed.

Thank you.


I guess you need to use the new license with new (latest) versions of the Aspose APIs/SDKs in the relevant applications. If any of your application is using older (existing) license with an older version of the Aspose APIs, you don’t need to update/replace the license as the application will always work fine.

For your information, when a user purchases a license for Aspose product, he is authorized to use the license file with existing and new versions, hot fixes or interim releases of the component for the next whole year. Please note, the license will never expire if the user continues to use the existing license with the product’s version that should be released before your subscription expiry date (one can open the license file into notepad and check the subscription expiry date for the license). Furthermore, if you need to use a version of the product which is released after your subscription expiry date, then you must upgrade your subscription to use it. For more details about licensing, you may check licensing and subscription policies and FAQs.

Let us know if you still have any confusion or need more clarifications.